Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elements of Distance Education-Module 2

Elements of Distance Education

Collaborative interaction is one of the key elements of distance education.  The development of new technologies combined with the computer and the Internet have expanded the way we communicate with individuals in the education arena and the workplace.  Distance education allows individuals to collaborate and share experiences on a global level with no regards to time and place.  Online tools such as Skype and other video conferencing devices allow individuals not only the capacity to see one another and hear them with clarity.  Other devices such as online videos and social media websites also provide a platform for individuals to interact.  Siemens (Future of Distance Education, n.d) states distance education also benefits corporations by allowing them to interact with different people in different offices all around the world.  As new technologies continue to emerge and the quality of technology continues to improve, distance education will continue to see exponential growth.

Siemens, G. (n.d.). The Future of Distance Education.

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